Millie Bobby Brown stirs up the internet with her bizarre guilty pleasure

In a new interview with UNILAD, the actress revealed her love for 'dirty' carrots.

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UK media outlet UNILAD posted a clip of Brown on his TikTok account that would go viral in a matter of seconds. In it, Bobby Brown admits that he loves eating carrots, especially when they are unwashed. The reason? Their ‘earthy’ taste and essence.

The dirtier the better,’ says the ‘Stranger Things’ star, who shared in the episode her obsessions and ‘hated’ dishes, such as grated carrots, and her love for baby carrots plucked straight from the ground.


🥕 The dirtier the carrot, the better 😂 #milliebobbybrown #getajob

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It’s a culinary taste she inherited from her mother: ‘When my mother was pregnant with me, she said she ate dirty carrots,’ the performer explains as a possible reason why she likes them so much.

The controversial video has received more than 9.7 million views and has triggered countless comments highlighting Brown’s thick British accent, as well as her devotion or detraction to the food in question.