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Suntory Beverage & Food Spain invests 5.6 million in renovation of its returnable glass line

The company reinforces its commitment to sustainability by promoting the circularity of its packaging.

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On World Recycling Day, the sub-brand of Suntory, one of the leading Japanese food and beverage companies, is fully committed to sustainability and recycling with an investment of 5.6 million euros in the renovation of its returnable glass line at the Toledo factory.

Each of the returnable bottles is characterised by having an average life of 10 years; they are collected and subjected to a cleaning and sanitising process at the factory with the aim of ‘reintegrating’ them into the production chain. Suntory Beverage & Food Spain currently has returnable bottles in its Schweppes®, La Casera® and Trina® brands.

Carmen Guembe, Director of Sustainability, External Communications and Public Affairs at SBFS, expresses the importance of its returnable glass line: ‘At Suntory we are committed to driving the circular economy along the entire value chain, which is why we have renewed the returnable line at our Toledo factory. In this way, the returnable glass bottles for the Horeca channel will have an average life of 10 years, which will allow us to reduce energy consumption and emissions by eliminating the need to produce new bottles and avoid the generation of waste’.

Its commitment to circularity in the horeca channel is in addition to other eco-sustainable measures of the company, such as the reduction of materials in production processes, as well as their recycling. In addition, by 2024, they will attach all caps to their bottles to guarantee their subsequent recycling, while by 2025 the secondary and tertiary packaging of all their beverages will be 100% recyclable.