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During his visit to Madrid, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the restaurant Mo de Movimiento, the restaurant owned by Proyectos Conscientes, a company that seeks to redefine the concept of leisure in cities and promote responsible consumption through projects that bring value to society from the respect for people and the planet. It was founded in 2018 by Felipe Turell and Javier Antequera.

The top leader of the Californian brand has been on-site at Mo de Movimiento and has highlighted how “truly extraordinary” this place is. Lucas Muñoz, in charge of designing the interior of the premises, has been explaining the place in detail. 

Tim Cook thanked him for bringing him closer to his “sustainability” and “deep commitment to protecting the planet”. The YouTuber Victor Arranz has accompanied Cook on this visit.

Summit FoodTech Tapas

The same company has launched another venue, TRAMO. It is there where the first edition of the Tapas Summit FoodTech will take place. It will be next October 30, 2023, in Madrid. The restaurant is located on Eugenio Salazar Street, 56.

In this new event, Tapas will bring together the most prominent and influential actors in the current gastronomic market, marked by a moment in which the business of food, technology, and innovation is constantly bubbling and changing.

Tapas Summit FoodTech will become the epicenter of food innovation, giving attendees the unique opportunity to connect with thought leaders, network with influential professionals, and discover new business insights.

There will also be opportunities to network and connect with other professionals who share the same challenges and objectives around sustainability throughout the consumption chain.

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