Rao’s x 818 Tequila unveils an exclusive pasta kit

Two iconic brands merged into one limited edition product.

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Rao’s now has a stellar new collaboration on its menu with Kendall Jenner’s tequila brand, resulting in a limited edition pack to make a delicious ‘Pasta alla tequila’.

818 Tequila joins forces with the New York institution of Italian haute cuisine and sauce brand to introduce its iconic recipe in an innovative take on the classic pasta alla vodka.

According to the recipe notes, the recipe mixes 818 tequila with Rao’s marinara sauce, heavy cream and parmesan for an easy homemade dish that any chef can easily master. A dish that infuses the citrus notes of agave with Rao’s Homemade’s slow-cooked Italian tomatoes.

Jenner says of the collaboration: ‘I love swapping out 818 for other spirits when I make cocktails, and we’re always showing people how versatile tequila is, so we thought… why not try it in pasta? why not try it in pasta?’

Rao’s and 818 PASTA ALLA TEQUILA’s kit includes the tequila and sauce, 818-shaped pasta, a personalised tea towel and recipe card, which will be sold for $50 exclusively through the 818 Tequila website.