Estrella Galicia goes viral thanks to a post by the Jenner sisters

Kylie and Kendall spontaneously starred in one of the most impactful subliminal spots for the beer brand.

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The Jenner sisters revolutionise the algorithm every time they launch a product or upload any kind of content to the internet. Their marketing power is infinite.

Following in the wake of their unstoppable influence, a few days ago, Kendall and Kylie spent an idyllic holiday in Mallorca, sharing on social media some of their experiences on the island: from their boat trips to their summer looks. In one of these posts in the form of a ‘carousel’, a sequence unexpectedly appeared in which the sisters appear in their transfer singing a Billie Eilish song while sharing a few bottles of Estrella Galicia with a smile on their faces.

The revolution was not long in coming for the Galician brand, with a whole maelstrom of comments and reactions celebrating the act: ‘The best beer in the world’. The ‘promotion’ was immediate thanks to the viral impact of the sisters’ video, which generated millions of views and extended the influence of the national brand to the global consumer.

Estrella Galicia, of course, also wanted to make a virtual toast with the girls by commenting on the post: ‘SALUD GIRLS‘, thanking them for the stellar appearance of their beers on one of the most popular Instagram profiles in the world.