Rao’s presents the sauciest accesories for summer

Italian brand Rao's Homemade ventures into the fashion world to turn its iconic sauce jars into limited edition luxury handbags.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

These two iterations to express the love for its sauces, in which fashion is served in the form of sauce pots, can now be purchased online through Virtual Saucery, its 360-degree virtual shopping platform.

The haute couture (and Italian haute cuisine) bags, valued at $1,000, are made entirely of leather in two different versions: ‘La Marinara‘, which pays homage to the brand’s most popular sauce, and the ‘Vodka Arrabbiata‘, which refers to one of Rao’s recent additions, stamped by the brand’s logo and green top.

‘We’re listening to the conversations happening in pop culture and fandom around branded fashion apparel,’ expresses Alan Creveling, Vice President of Marketing for Rao’s Homemade. ‘These fashionable bags were created to delight our brand’s sauce-loving fans and to capture the attention of those who have yet to try our premium sauces.’

Beyond culinary accessories, Rao’s Homemade has also unveiled new sauce and soup sets: ‘Vodka Arrabbiata’, ‘Caramelized Onion’ and ‘Pizza Arrabbiata’ condiments, and two delicious ready-made soups: ‘Italian Lentil’ and ‘Pumpkin’.