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Ed Sheeran launches his brand of hot sauces: spicy ketchup that goes with everything

The singer is teaming up with Kraft Heinz to create what he calls "the ketchup of hot sauces", spicy sauces that go with everything from fries to nuggets, falafels, fried chicken or whatever you want.
Ed Sheeran y su marca de salsas picantes.

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It’s been three years since Ed Sheeran’s entrepreneurial path joined with that of Kraft Heinz. It was in 2019 that they launched Edchup, a special edition of their famous ketchup to mark the brand’s 150th anniversary. On that occasion it was rather a special packaging with the face of the singer, who had confessed on numerous occasions his predilection for this sauce. He even has a Heinz tattoo on his arm.

But now, the Brit has gone one step further and created his own brand of hot sauces. It’s called Tingly Ted’s Hot Sauce and will be available in two flavours: “Tingly” and “Xtra Tingly”, centred on notes of lime and smoky red jalapeño flavour, capsicum chillies and a blend of herbs and spices. The name is inspired by Sheeran’s nickname as a child, a reference he has also made in some of his songs.

As Ed himself explained, these hot sauces have been created to become a kind of spicy ketchup, which can be combined with any food. “Before Tingly Ted’s I used a different hot sauce for every meal and for every dish. But there wasn’t a hot sauce that went with everything, whether you were eating at lunchtime or in the evening. I wanted a game-changing, all-purpose hot sauce – the ketchup of hot sauces. It didn’t exist, so I decided to create my own. That’s how Tingly Ted’s was born,” the singer explained at the launch.

The sauces are currently available for pre-sale and are expected to be available to the general public in 2023. The initial price is €6.80 for a pack of the two sauces. We will be watching to see when they can be bought in Spain, as they are sure to be a hit with spicy lovers.

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