Ed Sheeran presents his new hot sauce ‘Tingly Ted’s’

The singer re-enters the gastronomic scene to present the hottest sauce of the season.

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Kraft Heinz is collaborating with Ed Sheeran to launch two hot sauces under the collaborative brand ‘Tingly Ted’s‘, the artist’s childhood nickname and/or a 6-foot-tall bear named Ted who now graphically represents these condiments with two levels of heat: Tingly and Xtra Tingly.

Sheeran once again reflects his love for Kraft Heinz, an expression he immortalized in the past with a tattoo on his arm. An expert in sauces, he worked closely with the multinational to create these spicy sauces that he recommends pairing with eggs, burritos, hamburgers, ‘and anything else that whets the appetite’.

The sauces have a smoky flavor fused with notes of lime, red jalapenos, capsicum chiles, and a blend of herbs and spices.

‘This mixed pack is a real crowd pleaser: try the Tingly sauce if you want a warm, tangy sensation, or the Tingly Xtra sauce if you’re willing to turn up the heat,’ is inscribed in the description of these sauces, which can be purchased separately or in packs at select stores in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Nashville, as well as specialty stores across the U.S. or at Tingly Ted’s.