The prank with a peculiar Spanish omelette that has revolutionised Twitter

A British journalist decided to prepare a peculiar Spanish omelette for April Fools' Day in England (1 April) with which he has trolled half of Twitter. We tell you what ingredients were in this "joke" omelette and why it has revolutionised the networks.
Tortilla española inocentada

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There are certain traditional recipes with which it is better not to experiment because it can get really messy. If there are already heated debates with the Spanish omelette about whether it should be overcooked or undercooked, or whether it should have onion or not, imagine if you vary the recipe by adding such random ingredients as peas or sausages. This is what the British journalist Simon Hunter published and it went viral with more than three million impressions and comments of all kinds from Spaniards. In the face of such a commotion, Hunter finally revealed that the omelette was an April Fools’ Day prank, which is celebrated in England on 1 April.

The ‘controversy’ started on 1 April when Simon Hunter posted a tweet saying “I made a delicious Spanish omelette this morning” and the photo showed ingredients such as peas, sausages and cheese. Unsurprisingly, he quickly began to receive responses about the unusual omelette, which had nothing to do with the typical Spanish dish. Hunter called it #TortillaGate.

It should be remembered that Simon is a journalist specialising in gastronomy and lives in Madrid (in fact, his username is @simoninmadrid), so he is quite knowledgeable about Spanish gastronomy and the original Spanish omelette recipe, as he ended up posting in another tweet, in which he could be seen, now yes, preparing an original Spanish omelette. Once the joke was revealed, many users commented that he should perhaps make this kind of joke about the Spanish omelette on 28 December, which is when this day is celebrated in Spain.