The CIS resolves the debate about the onion in the tortilla: this is how the majority of Spaniards prefer it

It is not the only gastronomic question. They have also asked about what food they consider the most typical of our country. And the response has been overwhelming

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Not only are surveys carried out on the political opinion of Spaniards. The Center for Sociological Research, the CIS, has carried out a survey on holidays and gastronomy in Spain. Among other questions, the culinary question that most divides Spaniards has been put on the table: should the tortilla have onions?

It is not the only gastronomic question. They have also asked about what food they consider the most typical of our country. The response has been overwhelming: paella, a typical dish from Valencia, has been chosen with almost 50% of the responses, followed by potato omelet and Iberian ham.

This question has also been asked by region. And there are big winners, Andalusia has chosen the Andalusian gazpacho by far, in Madrid, its stew; in Asturias, the fabada, and in the Canary Islands, the ‘mojo picón‘.

The Spanish prefer the tortilla like this

The CIS gets into the matter with the tortilla. Ask if they prefer it well done or rare. And more than half of Spaniards prefer it rare, with 53% of those surveyed opting for it.

And what do they say about the onion? Well, the long-awaited topic of debate of the Spanish after-dinner meal comes to an end with these results: the Spanish prefer it with onion. And it is an overwhelming opinion, seven out of ten respondents believe it should be done that way.

We prefere oil and flesh

According to surveys, despite the unstoppable rise in the price of olive oil, the Spanish do not turn their backs on it. 98% of those surveyed say that it is preferable to use olive oil in cooking. Of course, the Spanish do not want fried foods, they prefer stews. More than eight out of ten people say they put it before fried foods.

The CIS also asks if Spaniards are more into meat or fish. And this contest is more even, but the meat wins. 44% of Spaniards, if they had to choose, prefer meat, and 40% prefer fish. What there is more unanimity about is what is the best gastronomy in the world… eight out of ten Spaniards think that the best is theirs, Spanish.