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Where to eat the best tortillas de patata in Madrid

We present a guide to the most acclaimed restaurants where you can taste this cult classic of the national recipe book.

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The potato omelette is presented as the great democratic luxury, which is even considered the favorite dish of many, versioned by countless restaurants and chefs around the world. From this infinite universe of interpretations, we put the focus on the local level to create a gourmet selection specialized in this preparation, ranging from the most classic to the most experimental.

Beyond the potato omelette created by the culinary duo formed by Marcelino Alonso (Gastrorgásmico) and Jorge Baeza of Restaurante Balear, named by the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE Madrid) as the best in Madrid in 2024, we evaluate other restaurants and delivery options in the capital, from the core to the suburbs.


This Pinto restaurant with a solete, located in an old 19th century mansion, set a milestone last year after winning the best potato omelette in Madrid. It is a haute cuisine version in which the keys to success lie in its combination of Monalisa Madrid potatoes and Granja Villarreal eggs, which result in a very juicy and appetizing texture.

Where to find it? Pl. de Santiago, 1, Pinto.


The sophistication of the omelette is served by Cañadío in its Cantabrian cuisine restaurant, which was also crowned last year as the best potato omelette in Spain. Its chef Pedro José Román is in charge of creating this acclaimed version with potatoes of the Monalisa variety, lots of well-poached onion and virgin olive oil of the arbequina variety.

Where to find it? C/ Conde de Peñalver, 86.


La Martinuca‘s potato omelets have generated a sort of cult following in the capital, followed by all generations who request them in various restaurants where they are served, as well as in delivery format through Glovo.

Their proposal includes multiple versions of the dish in question prepared in the most traditional style with organic, fresh and seasonal products. Now, for Spanish Omelette Day they have decided to update that succulent offer by adding some surprising iterations, which transcend their omelette with onion and without onion, with flavors and ingredients such as Sobrasada, La Paisana, with acorn-fed Iberian ham or Iberian chorizo, or Butifarra de Girona, made with local meat from L’Empordà.


Etiqueta Negra‘s tortillas are also home to a whole constellation of awards that endorse their elevated interpretation of the Spanish gastronomic classic. Based on their infallible technique and their specialization in the dish in question, they elaborate up to fifteen different kinds of omelettes, among which the truffle, the spicy one with spicy Iberian chorizo and, the most requested of the place, the ‘Etiqueta Negra’ with caramelized red bell pepper, goat cheese and spicy chorizo stand out. All of them can be ordered through their website.


Within the gastronomic world of Javi Estévez‘s ‘fine’ casquería, one dish stands out that we are all looking forward to trying: its new potato omelette topped with tripe stew, in which ‘you can dip a lot of bread in its sauce’, as the restaurant suggests on its Instagram.

Where to find it? C. del Príncipe de Vergara, 289.


Chef José Andrés‘ favorite omelette, which has even served as inspiration throughout his career, can be tasted in places such as the Mercado de la Paz and the Mercado de San Leopoldo.

Such is its popularity that Casa Dani prepares about 400 a day with fresh ingredients and supreme quality, in a very curdled and juicy way. In its offer, the classic omelette with and without onion stands out.


The online omelette revolution is led by DESFASE: a gastronomic delivery concept whose menu includes a wide variety of omelettes made with national ingredients such as potatoes from Segovia, free-range eggs from Pazo de Vilane (Galicia) and EVOO.

Its offer ranges from the ‘Tortilla de la abuela’ -the classic one with or without onion- to other more innovative versions such as the ‘Chupacabras’, with goat cheese and caramelized onion, the ‘Nueva Carbonara’, with lots of egg, guanchiale and parmiggiano cheese or the ‘Ranchera’, with bacon, cheese mix and homemade ranch sauce.


The Zielou restaurant has also wanted to pay its own tribute to the omelette, but in a more experimental key. Its chef Juan Sánchez presents a special exclusive edition version that will be available until March 31: a potato omelette coulant served with sourdough bread and smoked butter, finished on the charcoal grill and with seasonal truffle grated on top.

Where to find it? Chamartín Station, Penthouse, 28036.


One of the specialties of this famous Galician tavern is, without a doubt, the classic Betanzos omelette, which has become a best seller due to its recipe made with top quality potatoes, very lightly curdled, with more yolks than whites, which provide the necessary creaminess to this traditional preparation.

Where to find it? C/ del Prado, 10, among other locations.