All the details of Dabiz Muñoz’s new StreetXO: when it opens and where is it?

Dabiz Muñoz's restaurant reopens its doors this Thursday 19 January in a new location on Calle Serrano, very close to where it was previously located.

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Since it closed its doors temporarily on 24 July to move to another location, the chef has hinted at some details of the new StreetXO, such as its new location, on Calle Serrano 47, on the third floor of El Corte Inglés (it was previously on 52 Serrano Street, but in another Corte Inglés) and that it would be a larger restaurant, 560 square metres, more than double the size of the previous one. Although it will only add 10 more diners to its seating capacity. The only thing missing was to reveal the date of the expected opening. And so they have done so through a publication on their Instagram profile. It will take place this Thursday 19 January and is sure to be a great success.

What is the new StreetXO like?

Over the last few months, Dabiz, the rest of the XO team and his wife Cristina Pedroche have been giving hints of what the new StreetXo would be like. “This is going to be very crazy. Very very beastly. The new StreetXO Madrid wants to redefine its own rules…. Stay tuned!”, commented the chef on his social networks. The presenter, for her part, has been posting numerous images showing the new décor of the restaurant and also several dishes from what will be the restaurant’s current menu.

Some of the proposals that you will be able to taste are the lobster chilli (Grilled lobster, with Spicy Tomato Sauce, Oloroso, Chipotle and Churros with Tomato), the Peruvian-Madrilenian lemon fish sashimi (Maracuya and Mirasol chilli dressing, Andean Herbs Mojo, Paprika oil and Japanese Sichimi. Paprika Oil and Japanese Sichimi. Accompanied by extra-fine Balsamic Chip Potatoes), the Pedroche brioche (warm and melting Milk and Butter Scones with Madagascar Vanilla Cream and Ras el Hanout), among other delicacies, as well as its famous cocktails.

In the words of Muñoz himself, this new StreetXO will be “more groundbreaking” and with “new flavours, original tableware, infinite creativity and a new crest”. In addition, the producer Carlos Jean will be present at the opening, providing music for the long-awaited reopening.

As for the reservation system, StreetXO will maintain its first-come, first-served concept. Its new opening hours will be from Monday to Thursday, from 1pm to 4pm and from 8pm to 11pm, while from Friday to Sunday it will be open non-stop from 1pm to 11pm. We are looking forward to trying it out. It should be remembered that the chef’s last opening was the RavioXO in May 2022.