The best Chinese restaurants in Madrid

If you are a lover of authentic oriental food, we bring you a list of 12 of the best Chinese restaurants in Madrid. Take the tour!

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Chinese food has long ceased to be three-delicious rice and spring rolls. The real oriental cuisine is finally here to stay and in Madrid there are more and more authentic Chinese restaurants (where the Chinese themselves would go) to delight you with dim sums, hot pots, lacquered duck or wonton soup. So if you want to give you an Asian tribute in conditions, here we leave you a route with some of the best Chinese restaurants in Madrid: from Usera to Leganitos street, through the Salamanca neighborhood.

And if you are a big fan of dim sums, you should know that, coinciding with the traditional Chinese festival that welcomes the summer, from June 16 to July 9 is celebrated in the capital the I Dim Sum Festival, in which well-known Asian restaurants have created special menus to pay tribute to one of the most iconic snacks of Chinese cuisine: dim sums. So now you know, get your boots on!

Shangrila Dimsum Bar

It is located in the same place as the first Chinese restaurant that opened in Madrid back in 1963. Its current owners decided to pay tribute to it by giving it the same name. In addition, it also has all the essence of the mythical Chinese restaurant in Plaza España, since chef Liang Wang (from the well-remembered Zhou Yu Long) was in charge of the kitchen.

The cuisine offered by Shangrila Dimsum Bar takes a look at traditional Chinese recipes. It is like “grandma’s food”. It specializes mainly in dim sums, the small steamed dumplings, stuffed with vegetables, shrimp or pork and beef, which are handmade and homemade by the restaurant’s chef. In its menu you will also find traditional stir-fries of chicken, beef, shrimp; homemade noodles with sauce, which is the recipe of the grandmother of one of the owners; spicy dishes, such as chicken, beef, shrimp or squid frying pans with vegetables. And, of course, the typical spring rolls.

If you are looking for a genuine Chinese cuisine, with exquisite recipes brought directly from there and all at a very affordable price, here is your new favorite Chinese restaurant in the capital. Of course, you may have to queue a bit, because it is one of the successes of the capital.
Where? Calle Leganitos 26


It is one of the latest openings in the capital, but it has arrived with force. This authentic Chinese street food restaurant has an extensive menu. “Zuji” means ancestral, so it has the most traditional recipes of Shanghai but also offers other innovative dishes and proposals from more Asian regions. Its motto is “meditate on the taste” and once you sit at the table you put it into practice. Whatever you order, you will end up tasting it and moving in one bite to the streets of Shanghai.

You can try their dim sums, bamboo rolls or lemon chicken with a unique touch. They also have specialties of Sichuan cuisine such as Wantun, and other original proposals -but no less tasty- as the Gastrokubak of braised oxtail. Although the bao is a typical Taiwanese dish, here you can try them and they are delicious. Its value for money is highly recommended (between 20 and 25 €) and they have a menu of the day for 13,50 €.
Where? At Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 24

Soy Kitchen

It is one of the most prestigious Chinese cuisine restaurants in Madrid. Using Chinese culinary bases, its chef Julio Zhang combines them with multiple influences from other Asian cuisines, as well as touches of Mediterranean or Latin American cuisine, to offer a real spectacle in the kitchen. You can try dishes such as Hong Kong-style mussels with foiesabi, low-temperature duck leg, Sichuan-style chili crab or Kungpao-style shrimp, among other options. There are also tasting menus of 7 or 8 courses, for 65 and 75 €, respectively.

Of course, it also serves one of the most iconic dishes of Chinese gastronomy: dim sum. Soy Kitchen is one of the 12 restaurants participating in the I Dim Sum Festival, and for this occasion has prepared a special menu for 55 €. You know, if you are a lover of these Chinese dumplings, go ahead and make a reservation because the menu will be available from June 16 to July 9.
Where? At calle de Zurbano, 59

China Crown

Another of the most prestigious Chinese restaurants in the capital. Here they have been reproducing the authentic flavors of Imperial China for 42 years, thanks to its owners Maria Li Bao and Felipe Bao. In their menu you will find original recipes on which the Bao siblings have worked and researched for many years. One of the most outstanding dishes is the Imperial Beijing Duck, because of its long cooking process that is finished by cutting it in front of the customer. They turn this typical ritual of the emperors into a culinary experience. Other recommendations are the spicy pickled free-range chicken Chong Qing style or the shark fin dim sum -a recipe created more than 100 years ago-.
Where? At Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz, 6

In addition, the China Crown group owns other Asian restaurants in Madrid such as Le Petit DimSum (specialized in Cantonese cuisine, they have a restaurant in Galeria Canalejas and another one in Lagasca street), Shanghai Mama (with flavors from Shanghai and several restaurants in the capital, but also in Barcelona and Toledo) or Sushi Bar Tottori, with Japanese cuisine.

Don Lay

This is another classic restaurant in the capital that serves authentic Cantonese food. Open for more than 20 years, it has changed location but its menu maintains the classics that made it famous, such as lacquered duck, suckling pig and pork. If you want to treat yourself to the purest Asian style, you can order a whole crispy suckling pig. In its gastronomic proposal there is no lack of wok cooking either, with Cantonese-style Cárnicas Lyo sirloin steak with three sauces, spicy Sichuan beef or sea bass casseroles, or abalone with Don Lay sauce.

They also dedicate their Chinese Bar to enjoy a more relaxed meal, mainly based on dim sums and cocktails.
Where? At Calle de Castelló, 117

Hong Kong 70 in Chinatown

For lovers of authentic Cantonese food. In addition, it is located in the Chinatown of Madrid: the neighborhood of Usera. It specializes in roasts, many of them require long hours of preparation and are prepared in their central kitchens in Usera to give them the final touch and plate them in the restaurant. On the menu you will find star dishes such as roasts and Hong Kong Style duck. You will be able to complete your gastro experience accompanying it with a homemade drink such as iced tea, milk tea or fruit tapioca or its wide variety of homemade drinks and imported liquors, such as wine and Chinese beer or sake. It belongs to the Bellaciao Group, which also has other Asian restaurants such as Ninja Ramen or Running Sushi.
Where? At calle de Nicolás Sánchez, 11

El Bund

Another reference in terms of authentic Chinese cuisine. A trip to the China of the 30’s, through haute cuisine, where you can taste specialties such as lacquered duck or Dim Sums. But, in addition, in its menu you will also find a varied offer of dishes from regions such as Sichuan, Canton, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Located in the Arturo Soria area, its name comes from an iconic Shanghai neighborhood. This is another of the restaurants participating in the I Dim Sum Festival with a menu of 30 € or 40 € (with harmonized wines).
Where? At calle Arturo Baldasano, 22


It has recently opened in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood. At Ginza you will travel to Indochina through your palate, with more than 30 dishes at your disposal, which also fuse Chinese and Spanish flavors and techniques. Victor Camargo (Salmon Guru) is the chef who gives life to this creative and innovative proposal, in which diners can enjoy a tasting menu for 31.95 €, in buffet format; but there is also a menu of the day for 16.50 €. If you are looking for a restaurant free of clichés and with a lot of magic, Ginza is your next visit.

And if you love dim sums, this restaurant also participates in the I Dim Sum Festival with a special menu for 36,90 €.
Where? At calle Velázquez, 47

Asia Gallery

It has been located inside the luxurious Westin Palace Hotel for more than 15 years. It is a restaurant that offers traditional Chinese cuisine with a refined and exquisite touch. Its Cantonese and Beijing recipes are prepared with top quality products. And all in an atmosphere and decor that takes you directly to the China of the 20’s. You also have at your disposal a wide selection of wines with references from many countries, which combine perfectly with all the dishes on the menu. Behind Asia Gallery is Roger Chen, a pioneer in introducing Chinese haute cuisine in Spain and who today has almost a dozen Asian restaurants in the capital.
Where? At Hotel Westin Palace – Plaza de las Cortes, 7 (also at Lagasca, 82)

Shanghai Station

This restaurant is committed to tradition and authentic Chinese flavor, rescuing recipes from a century ago to adapt them to the present day. Its aim is to make you feel the weight of Chinese culture and the value and strength of its gastronomy through dishes such as vegetable Jiaozi or stuffed with meat and vegetables, skewered lamb marinated in Mongolian style, sour soup, Ku Bak crispy chicken and seafood with egg, sautéed eggplant in Yu-Xiang sauce or marinated Iberian secret “Chao Shao” style, among others.
Where? At calle Postas, 11 (and more venues)

Tse Yang

It is one of the most luxurious Chinese restaurants in the capital. With a Cantonese haute cuisine full of sophisticated flavors and nuances, this place will transport you to the heart of Imperial China, through the palate and also thanks to its spectacular surroundings. The star dish is undoubtedly the Peking style lacquered duck, but you can’t miss “Your favorite chicken Tse Yang”, the splendid Szetchuan lobster or their delicious and varied dim sums. In addition to the menu, they have several tasting menus, between 47 and 79 €. And they have also created a special menu for 65 € with dim sum as the protagonist, to participate in the I Dim Sum Festival in Madrid.
Where? At calle del Marqués de Villamagna, 1

Casa Lafu

We end this particular route through China with a very spicy meal. At Casa Lafu they prepare Sichuan cuisine, where you will find dishes with authentic flavor, top quality ingredients and a very careful preparation. Among its star recipes is the Huo Guo (hot pot): a traditional dish of Sichuanese gastronomy with great fame that is a ceremony at the center of the table. But you should also leave room for other specialties and recommendations from the chef, such as the orange prawns, the house sea bass loins or the crispy duck. As if that were not enough, Casa Lafu has also prepared a special menu for the I Dim Sum Festival, which is sure to include dim sums with surprising flavors (menu for 30 €).
Where? At calle Flor Baja, 1