The essence of the mythical ‘Chino de Plaza España’ is back: we tell you where it is

The chef of the well-remembered Chinese restaurant in Plaza España now works in another place very close by - and there are still the same queues.
Restaurante chino Shangrila

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It has been almost four years since the legendary Chinese restaurant in Plaza España closed due to renovation work on the square. It was an emblem of the centre of the capital and for many it was like Madrid’s little Chinatown located in the underground passageway of Plaza España. Famous above all for its dumplings, Zhou Yu Long offered authentic Chinese cuisine at very good prices. It was common for compatriots to visit the restaurant, and huge queues formed to enjoy the food. In charge of the kitchen was chef Liang Wang, who had been lost after the restaurant closed in June 2019.

Now we have discovered, thanks to El Mundo, that the chef has been signed up by another Chinese restaurant located in Calle Leganitos, very close to Plaza España, where there are Chinese establishments everywhere, forming a small Chinatown in the centre of the capital. The restaurant is Shangrila DimSum, located in the same space as the first Chinese restaurant of the same name opened in Madrid back in 1963, although since then it has passed through different owners. The current owners, the same group that runs El Buda Feliz, have recovered its essence as a dimsum bar, specialising in the steamed dumplings so typical of Chinese cuisine.

Home-cooked Chinese food at a good price

Liang Wang has been in Spain for almost 20 years, but he barely speaks the language. His success lies in the homemade food he makes. His presence is already beginning to be noticed, judging by the long queues that form at lunchtime. In total, there are about 30 dishes on the Shangrila menu. In addition to the dumplings, you’ll also find soups, fried rice and stir-fried noodles, among others. All are of high quality and at affordable prices (the most expensive dish is the roast duck for 8.95 euros).

If you are one of those nostalgic people who missed your usual visit to the Chinese restaurant in Plaza España, this good news is sure to make your day. And if you want to go on a Chinese food tour, here are some more recommendations.