Hailey Bieber recreates Gigi Hadid’s viral pasta recipe

This is how the fashion icon builds the perfect evening.

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Gigi Hadid, like Hailey Bieber, has shared and expressed her undying love for cooking on countless occasions through food-themed shows and episodes. But if there was one episode or recipe that revolutionised the internet, it was the spicy vodka sauce recipe that Hadid went viral in 2020.

The recipe in question, which continues to this day to be reinterpreted by a whole wave of virtual chefs on the networks, has also formed part of Hailey’s culinary proposal, who has decided to version it – and show the process – for her date night in the purest Italian style.


@HexClad date night part 2 🍝

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The Rhode brand founder shared the whole process on TikTok, alluding to the fact that the recipe is often recreated for dates at home with her husband Justin. ‘I’m going to remake Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta,’ Hailey begins, demonstrating how she makes the sauce and giving tips along the way.

‘When the tomato paste starts to stick to the pan a little bit, I’ll add the vodka and heavy cream,’ she continues, as she adds the pasta to the water, and takes the chicken parmesan out of the oven. 

Hailey then mixes the noodles with the sauce and proceeds to plate the fusilli by adding a piece of chicken parmesan. From there, she moves on to the tasting, approving her own creation that pays tribute to the cuisine of her friend and supernova Gigi Hadid.