This is how Taylor Swift’s favourite cinnamon roll is made

The romance between Swift, Kelce and gastronomy continues.

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Last week, Taylor went on a date with Brittany Mahomes and a few other girlfriends of Chiefs players at Rye, Kelce’s favorite spot in Kansas. At the end of the evening, the singer didn’t want to leave the restaurant without ordering some cinnamon rolls glazed with pecan swirls, one of the favourite desserts she shares with her boyfriend.

The restaurant’s pastry chef, Megan Garrelts, said Kelce orders these rolls every time he stops by, so she wasn’t surprised when Swift asked for some to go.

The recipe

It is an elaboration that Garrelts has perfected over the years, which he shared with Food & Wine in 2019.

The making, as he shared with the medium, is as follows: ‘The sweet dough is wrapped in a filling of toasted pecans, cinnamon, brown sugar and sour cream, then baked and topped with a buttery sugar glaze while still warm.’

‘The recipe Garrelts shared with us yields 24 cinnamon rolls; he points out that you can store the unbaked rolls in the freezer for up to a month, then pull them out for your own pre-party brunch party.’