Burberry to set up in Norman’s Cafe during London Fashion Week

The fashion house is now making inroads into the British cult coffee shop as part of its 'Burberry Streets' initiative.

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Norman’s has positioned itself as a reference coffee shop within the British culture, both for its reinvention of tradition and for its nostalgic aesthetics that constantly attracts creative communities and brands that want to belong to its universe, as Puma or Futson did in the past.

Well, now it is Burberry‘s turn. Elliott and Richie, founders of Norman’s, and the firm managed by Daniel Lee, will serve this new ephemeral experience that will be part of Burberry’s initiative to conquer cities around the world through a series of openings starting in London.

In the UK, the brand will occupy the North London coffee shop, which will receive the Burberry treatment, dressing the space with its representative blue checks.

This collaborative action will kick off with a special event on September 13. The theme will continue throughout London Fashion Week, with a Norman’s food truck stationed on The Strand and Duke of York Square, amidst fashion and art personalities devouring a helping of eggs and chips between shows.

Meanwhile, symbols of the house will be seen in multiple locations across the capital, such as flags with the new rose print flying over Bond Street, and Piccadilly screens lit up with videos of the winter 2023 campaign.