This is ‘The Black Dog’, the English pub that Taylor Swift references on her new album

The pop icon has managed to viralize this London pub in a matter of seconds.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

The song ‘The Black Dog‘ alludes to a dark emotion of the singer. But it also refers to a pub that exists in real life, and that all swifties and/or tortured poets are obsessed with right now. Specifically, since the release of her eighth album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘ on April 19, in which her idol dedicates a special tribute to her.

Located in Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, this historic pub and renowned restaurant offers a seasonal approach made with seasonal ingredients -influenced by Spanish cuisine- along with craft beers, continental beers and a selection of wines from around the world. The whole experience is served from its classic, upscale interior, as well as on its evocative, flower-decorated terrace where the pop icon once escaped.

The new Swift track in question, which marks the beginning of the second half of the double album, serves as a backdrop to a mood she describes with an ex-lover; singing as she watches him from afar in the pub, nostalgically reminiscing about the love they once had.

The lyrics read as follows: ‘I’m someone who, until recent events, you shared your secrets. And your location, you forgot to turn it off. And that’s why I watch as you walk into a bar called ‘The Black Dog’. And drill new holes in my heart. You forgot to turn it off. And it hits me.’

The phrase ‘black dog’ is actually exposed as a metaphor for depression. A representation or state of mind that heals as you move through the album through the songs ‘Clean’ and ‘evermore’, in which he talks about overcoming pain and reaching self-acceptance.