This is Alameda, the T de Oro restaurant in La Rioja that you must visit

We visited one of the highest quality restaurants in La Rioja: the Alameda, a brand new Tapas Magazine T de Oro award winner in the region.

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We are almost finishing our particular gastronomic route by introducing you to the 18 T de Oro restaurants of Tapas Magazine. Today we visit the restaurant Alameda, in La Rioja, which has been offering traditional and honest cuisine for 35 years and has become a culinary reference in the area.


Creative, seasonal Rioja cuisine is what defines this restaurant 12 kilometres from Logroño, and it is defended as a duo by Esther -in the kitchen, in charge of much of the menu- and Tomás -on the grill and sometimes in the dining room-. It is a cosy restaurant, very traditional, that cooperates with a difficult mission, that of defining the gastronomic identity of La Rioja. And it does so with a tireless desire to achieve perfection. In this sense, one aspect, apart from its location, must be taken into account: the origin of its customers. In this house you can breathe its naturalness. They make sea and land cuisine, and dishes such as croquettes or prawn ravioli are very popular. They offer roasts to order, tripe and snouts, patitas, lechecillas… And their desserts are fine and delicate.

Written by: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

Fuenmayor (La Rioja). Plaza Félix Azpilicueta, 1
941 45 00 44 / Website
Menu: €60-80

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