Your (wine glass’) perfect match

The wine bottle you are about to open now has a decanter that’s up to its level (with 26”): the AMADEO DOUBLE MAGNUM

 Letting a wine breathe means it will become fuller and more attractive to our taste buds, which already have a pretty good sense of what a fine wine should taste like. Dregs aside, there are some wines which need decanting to aerate, in order to provide the oxygenation necessary for them to reach their full potential. In the middle of the 20th century, the Austrian family in charge of the Riedel brand turned the wine world upside down with its crystalware collection. Today, they have chosen to do it again, with the Amadeo Double Magnum: an exclusive decanter (only 100 pieces are released each year) made from hand-blown glass, without any molds and with a capacity of up to three liters (so you never go thirsty). With a silhouette resembling a lyre, it has two openings on its ends, meant for pouring the wine in and out, within their curves. It is not cheap (€990) but its exquisiteness is worth the price. Made by the hands of three expert glass blowers to honor Mozart, this piece is like a symphony comparable to the composer’s masterpieces: unique and genuine.