Who doesn’t remember – when we were little children – seeing their fathers or grandfathers drinking a glass of wine every day at lunchtime? Even doctors recommend us to include wine in our dietary habits. Well, don’t drink a bottle per day, it’ll be ok with one or two glasses. So, it is really that good for our health? We show you some facts that the experts ensure.

1. Red wine is the most healthy.

2. Moderate alcohol consumption. Experts recommend one glass per day.

3. It’s convenient to drink this one glass of wine during lunchtime or dinner time.

4. Wine has anticoagulant benefits and it improves blood flow.

5. It helps to prevent Alzheimer disease.

6. It also prevents from mental disorders.

7. Wine also prevents cardiovascular diseases. It decreases the bad cholesterol production and increases the good cholesterol levels.

8. It helps to prevent atherosclerosis disease – which cause arterial degeneration.

9. By drinking a glass per day, hypertensives will lower their blood pressure.

10. It helps to prevent kidney stone formation.

Samuel García