Toma Nota

Where to eat in LA: B.S. Taqueria

Looking for a fresh millennial hang out in LA? B. S. Taqueria by Chef Ray Garcia, is a casual environment that serves new twists on typical TexMex dishes that span the gap between meat lovers and vegans.

Chef Garcia is an interesting figure in his own right, beyond the creativity and attention to detail that go into each menu he develops. Educated at UCLA and the California School of Culinary Arts, he has quickly risen in the ranks of renowned chefs and has won numerous awards during recent years while running Fig for both the creative and sustainable aspects of his work (he highly values the integrity of all of his ingredients).

B. S. Taqueria itself is an engaging location, counter service offered at lunch and full service at dinner, with a décor that is mid-century modern, very LA, with modern Latin American inspiration in the decorative art. The menu is simple and short, allowing for the dishes to be intriguing and creative but not too intimidating. Sides and starters like Chicken Chicharrones and Grilled Corn maintain the casual environment, and experiment with mores surrounding what is casual versus gourmet/elegant food. Unique lunch and dinner menus as well as a special Happy Hour menu with original cocktails allow for three possible separate experiences.

Garcia and his new spot represent the very fibers of LA culture, a city filled with migrants and immigrants who over the years have adapted their customs and recipes to better fit with the city that they now call home.

(photo credits: Facebook B.S Taquería)