We use to think that we are more than ready to run a marathon because we run a couple of minutes a day or we usually play any sport. But nothing can be further from the truth. Experts ensure that we should follow some necessary steps in order to bear the pain that a marathon comes with. Especially, the thing that runners concern most about is what to do the day before. So, ready, steady, go!

– Get a good night sleep. It’s really important to sleep six to eight hours the night before. Thinking about going to a party or stay up all night? Not on your life! You will ruin everything!

– Don’t change your eating habits a few days before. Keep going on with your routine. Don’t eat more or less food than usual. If your organism has been working well with this amount of food and this diet, don’t change them. It is preferable to eat meals with a lot of carbohydrates – like pasta or rice – or proteins like, for example, a piece of grilled meat.

– Eating well is as important as being well hydrated. Drink water frequently, but don’t drink too much – that way you will avoid the abdominal discomfort and swelling, and you will have a good rest over night.

– Go for a run the day before, but easy and calm, 5 km is a good idea.

– Try to stay positive and with a good attitude. It’s important that you stay psychologically strong in order to focus your energy on the marathon. Go for it!