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Turmeon: it is not just good vermouth, it is also a great packaging

Yes, yes, it’s obvious that vermouth is all over the place and you already know all of the important brands. But actually, dear vermouth lovers, the story of this beverage is not so simple because the panorama of vermouth continues to grow, which makes our passion for it grow as well. If we already loved happy hour, now things are more interesting because we can share, discover, and enjoy new, classic, old, and the most innovative vermouths. Just this month we discovered Turnmeon, a vermouth that comes straight from Zaragoza and a family recipe that has been used for more than three generations. According to its creators, this vermouth was only made to be sold in bulk, but thanks to the praise of their clients they finally decided to bottle it. The brand states that “part of the secret resides in a certain quantity of wine that has been aged for more than 80 years in several barrels (pipas) that our own grandfather (el Pipero) built. Each time a small part of the wine in each barrel is extracted, making it possible that in drinking this vermouth, we can taste a small portion of the wine with which the barrels were filled originally.”

Not only is the story pretty interesting, but also its packaging is worth mentioning, since it is the first brand in the global movement that shows Pac Man running after and catching at full throttle.

The base is found in the Macabeo and Garnacha grape varieties, and it is extracted with around 12 different botanicals like cinnamon, cloves, Artemisia, and three more that fall under the aphrodisiac sector. Certainly if we examine the name—Turn+Me+On—we discover that it has a lot to do with certain Medieval love potions, and that today they help us to name one of the newest vermouths on the market.

Currently, it is only available in Zaragoza and outside of Spain, but soon it will arrive in “pop up” form in Madrid.