A Michelin guide is one of the most important accessories for any renowned chef, and simply for any lover of gastronomy and high cuisine. The price isn’t too expensive and everyone should be able to have one…or maybe not?

Every year in July, an auction of Michelin objects and antiques takes place in the French city of Royat (close to Clermont Ferrand). This year, the auction took place on the 18 of July and the star, without a doubt, was a French Michelin guide from 1900. This piece is—up to the present moment—the most expensive Michelin guide in history. 22,000€ was the final price for the French Michelin guide from 1900, the first year in which a Michelin guide was published, and only 32909 copies were printed, so collectors are especially drawn to this treasure. Last year the record was also broken when a collector paid 19,000€ for the same edition—yes that is 19,000€. Nevertheless, this record was broken again in 2015, and it probably will be surpassed again in the coming years.

No collector wants to be without a copy of the Michelin guide from its first year of operation!

Also, as a last comment, even though the most expensive guide has always been this French edition from 1900, the Michelin guide that is most difficult to find is actually the Spanish guide from 1910—which has never been auctioned in the famous July event in Royat. There are only seven copies—that are known of—from that year, and two are found in Costa da Morte, in Galicia Spain.