Toma Nota

The recipe…with Roberto Limas

Roberto Limas is the executive chef of hot food at the Group Babmú. In the early hours of the morning, when the kitchen is still empty, Limas receives us at the restaurant 99 Shushi Bar (Calle Padre Damián 23) to prepare an exquisitely simple recipe.

With a career endorsed by his 20 years as a chef in some of the best kitchens in the world, it was something of a luxury to be able to enjoy this dish. The pleasure was not only attached to the meal itself, however, it also had to do with how it was made with the ingredients selected by Roberto.

“Cococha al pil pil with wagyu and wasabi” is the title of the plate that the chef selected to unveil what is behind this very complicated name. Will the dish be as complicated too?

The dish is not on the menu of 99 Sushi Bar, but in the restaurant you can try other hot recipes created by Roberto Limas that are just as delicious (or more) than the one he has prepared for us. Remember that 99 Sushi Bar is not only sushi, it goes much further.

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