Toma Nota

The recipe…with Javi Estévez

The former contestant of “Top Chef Spain” Javi Estévez has received us in his restaurant in the Spanish capital of Madrid (Calle Duque de Sesto 48). His restaurant “La Tasquería” specialises in casquería giving name to the venue itself with the combination of the term “tasca” (tavern) and the term “casquería” (offal: the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal).

The restaurant’s goal today is to make this speciality trendy again. However, this is a delicacy not accepted as edible food for some diners. Javi Estévez is in charge of preparing the casquería in a fun and different way to make it a more appeasing meal for his clients.

The chef revealed to us his recipe for Mexican tortillas with seasoned diced pork cheek. To prepare it the following ingredients are needed: anchovy butter, diced pork cheek, sprouts and hot sauce. Javi Estévez demonstrates all the steps you need to complete in the following video…