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The recipe… With Roberto Ruiz

Punto MX is not just any Mexican restaurant; it’s a restaurant that has managed to export from America to the Spanish capital the best of the gastronomic tradition of Mexico. Because of this, it has become a culinary reference point in Spain. So much so that this restaurant is the first Mexican restaurant in Europe to receive a Michelin Star.

Roberto Ruiz, chef of Punto MX, has prepared for us exclusively a prawn green aguachile. On the video you will be able to see the whole recipe to learn how to prepare this typical Mexican dish.

The chef has managed to create synergies between the roots of Mexican gastronomy and state of the art European cuisine, using the highest quality ingredients for his creations. They say you can eat through your eyes, and we are sure that after watching this video you are going to want to take a trip to Punto MX to taste the aguachile and the rest of the dishes at the restaurant.

You won’t just be able to taste delicious Mexican dishes; they also have an important cocktail space. At the bar they have a great selection of the most important mezcales in Europe, with which they prepare their creations with a distillate 100% Mexican.

If you like Mexican food, you can’t miss this video, but you shouldn’t leave without listening to our playlist to cook Mexican food to. Enjoy!