Toma Nota

The most luxurious fast food

The most expensive hamburger has been presented to the world. Prepared in a stem cell lab, it has a price that amounts to 330,000 dollars.

Before this news, the most expensive hamburger was sold in the restaurant Serendipity 3 in New York. Its price is quite a lot lower, around 295 dollars, however, due to its ingredients we can still say it’s the most luxurious burger there is. With the best meat in the world, waygu from the region of Kobe in Japan, this delicacy is prepared with white truffle butter, cheddar cheese, black truffles, quail egg and Kaluga caviar.

You can also have caviar on pizza at Nino’s restaurant in New York. You’ll have a chance of savouring their speciality la Bellissima if you preorder several days in advance. This opulent pizza has lobster and 4 different kinds of caviar; these ingredients can almost explain its price that is close to 1,000 dollars.

Hot dogs are also part of the elitist fast food trend. According to eHow the restaurant Capital Dawg, in Sacramento, CA, used to offer – before it closed down – a beef sausage seasoned with French mustard, garlic and herbs. The sausage was wrapped in Italian bread with white truffle butter, onion, vegetables, smoked bacon, tomato and dried cranberries. Selling for 150 dollars, it managed to be the most expensive hot dog in 2012 and got the World Guinness Record for it.