Toma Nota

Spice up your morning bread and your salads with this organic olive oil

If you know what a good baguette with olive oil is or if you crave that fruity taste of ecological olive oil in your salads, then you are going to like this.

In a small estate, in the southern region of Malaga in Spain, with over 380 hectares and with an olive grove over 100 years old is the Eden of the olive oil Finca La Torre. This small olive oil producer has been awarded numerous prizes a national and international for the quality of its production in the last years.

The most recent has been the distinction from the New York International Oil Competition that has positioned the varieties of hojiblanca and arbequina amongst the 250 best in the world. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has also acknowledged their work awarding them the prize to the “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil” during two consecutive campaigns.

Their five varieties are something you are not going to want to miss on your vegetables, salads and breakfasts. Their latest product is the limited edition ‘One Organic’ (only 4.000 bottles exist) with an intense fruity smell and a robust taste.

The techniques used by this producer are centred on an effort to nurture de fruit, making the most of its properties in each campaign. With a redesigned labelling and bottling, you can find this oil in specialised shops in countries such as Spain, United States or Japan.