Toma Nota

The Benefits of Eating Kiwis

Kiwis are pretty interesting looking and tasty fruits, but who know how many great things they can do for our bodies as well! Keeping kiwis in your diet will result in many health benefits, so make sure to include them in your fruit salads and don’t forget as snacks!

Some of the great benefits of kiwis come from their high Vitamin C and Vitamin E content, making them great for the bones AND the skin! They also have antioxidant and DNA protecting properties which make them a superfruit!

Don’t forget the other internal benefits of kiwis to your organs: they help with digestion through some great enzymes that they give us, and they also help to moderate blood pressure. Furthermore, kiwis represent a healthy carb for those of us trying to maintain a diet. The sweetness in the fruit and the heartiness of its meat makes you forget that you’re not having a cheat meal! Also, kiwis are some of the most naturally organic produce on the market-because of their thick and unappealing skins, they are able to fend off most pests without the use of pesticides.

With all of these great qualities, what excuse to you have for not having a kiwi a day to keep the doctor away?