Toma Nota

The benefits of black garlic

The “black sheep” of garlics isn’t as popular as its white brothers, but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse. It might even have more antioxidants than common garlic.

Not really into garlic? Then you haven’t given black garlic a chance. It’s taste may not even remind you of its white counterpart. Similar in shape, it is quite different in taste and colour, though it does have a comparable intensity. Its mixture of sweet and savoury reminds some of liquorice, although not related in the slightest to this root. Others have also compared its taste to dried plums, even though it has no relation to this fruit either.

Black garlic is the fermented version of what we know as “common” garlic. As a result, all the benefits that we already know to exist in garlic are multiplied in its black version. With fermentation, fat is reduced and the number of essential trace elements, proteins and vitamins is increased.

If you are not yet convinced, listen to this. Black garlic can also be the best option for sensitive stomachs, since its much milder in taste and it gets easily digested. As a result, black garlic doesn’t have so much of an “aftertaste” as white does.

A high level of antioxidants is also another of the benefits related to black garlic, but it has also been shown to help the immune system, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Appropriately, black garlic is recommended in many cases for people with these health issues.