The world of mixology has not fallen behind in technology. Cocktail preparation is becoming an art that is more precise and sophisticated every day. The latest gadgets that will make your cocktail extra special are already popping up in some of the trendiest establishments in the world. Even though the mandatory use of fresh and exotic ingredients has not yet lost its throne, attention is focusing these days in key processes such as the assessment of temperature, filtration or texture of the drink.

There are fruit centrifuge machines that squeeze juice from fruits and separate solid from liquid, something that allows for better use of ingredients. The same thing happens with the rotating vaporisers, which reduce the most delicate of mixes through boiling without letting them burn.

Today, ice cubes are shaped with machines into spheres and some are even carved with images. The herbs that decorate our drinks have also improved after careful work from cocktail makers everywhere. Many are the bars that have decided to grow mint, basil, thyme, etc. in their own establishments with the help of machines that control their temperature.

Cocktail making has also benefited from refrigerated barrels that store drinks and allow for a cold drink without having to wait for those 20 minutes it regularly takes to prepare. There are also new containers that are created by freezing balloons until thin layers of ice are created inside. When pulling back the balloon we can drink the cocktail by poking it and creating a whole in one of its walls.

These are just some of the most exciting technology advancements we are beginning to see today, but there are many more yet to come.