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Tapas with Luis Arévalo

At the calle Ferrer del Río No. 7, Madrid there’s a restaurant called Kena run by chef Luis Arévalo. A place that has already been recommended by the Michelin Red Guide, the Repsol Guide and the Metropoli Guide in 2015.

This place stands out because of its cuisine that fuses Peruvian and Japanese food, a gastronomic style that is called Nikkei.

Going out for tapas is a typical activity in Spain, especially in the southern region of Andalucía. But because all Spaniards love the culture of good food, it has become popular throughout the country.

Now we ask ourselves, can the Nikkei concept be adapted to tapas? Chef Luis Arévalo has shown us that it is indeed possible. He showed how he prepared a tapa made of tuna with anchovies, rice biscuit and algae.

For those of you who don’t know what the Nikkei cuisine is take a look at our article: “The Nikkei concept”.

Now you can see the elaboration process of this tapa created by chef Luis Arévalo, a pioneer of the Nikkei cuisine in Spain. Check out the video below!