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Tapas with Estanis Carenzo

Retratos del equipo Sudestada

Estanis Carenzo greeted us at Chifa Boteco, the recently inaugurated area of the Gourmet Experience space in El Corte Ingles at Callao, in Madrid.

Chifa has become a global concept today, starting as Chifa Comedor and later in the Chifa Camión, with street style dishes prepared by the chef, and finally with Chifa Boteco, the place he chose to create this tapa.

All of Carenzo’s dishes need great preparation, a very long process that will allow the diner to recognise a multitude of flavours in the final result. In this case the chef has prepared Japanese-style mussels in misochoclo and wakame algae soup. A delicacy you will be able to taste if you visit Chifa Boteco.

In this video you can see Carenzo preparing this recipe, but we are also going to recommend a way of enjoy it fully. First scoup the soup with the mussels and taste the mix, after this with the shell drink up the rest of the soup. Yes, the whole thing! It’s absolutely delicious!


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