Toma Nota

Take a look at these traditional Easter recipes from around the world

Not in every country is Easter celebrated the same and not in every household will we find the same food. If you want to make Easter special this year and you are looking to spice it up with some new recipes, check out these dishes from around the world that will keep your family and guests quite satisfied.

Spain: Vigil chickpea stew (Potaje de vigilia)

This cod and chickpea soup is one of the most common dishes in the Spanish Holy Week. Traditionally served on Good Friday because of the religious prohibition of eating red meat.

Germany: Chervil soup (Kerbelsuppe)

Simple herb soup made of fresh chervil served in German homes on the Thursday before Good Friday – known in Germany and other parts of Europe as Green Thursday.

Argentina: Vigil empanadas (Empanadas de vigilia)

Usually these empanadas are made with tuna instead of the traditional use of meat in Argentinian empanadas. Other kinds of fish are also used for fillings and these delicious pastries are eaten throughout Easter Week.

Italy: Pastieri di Pasqua

Lamb-filled savory pastries prepared on Holy Saturday in the southern region of Sicily.

France: Roasted lamb leg (Le gigot d’agneau)

The consumption of lamb dishes is very common in the French Paques. Mostly accompanied by boiled vegetables.

United States: Baked ham

There are many ways of preparing your baked ham for you Easter feast. This dish is traditional in many homes. A popular recipe is Baked Ham with brown sugar mustard glaze.

United Kingdom: Hot cross buns

A spiced sweet bun made with raisins or currants and marked with a cross on top. There are many superstitions surrounding this baked good. They are traditionally served on Good Friday.