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Tabasco Sauce: What can it not do?

We all have experienced, and been in awe of, Tabasco sauce and the wonders that it performs. Originally from Louisiana, and still produced there today, Tabasco sauce has been around since 1868. While the peppers themselves, known as “tabasco peppers” used to be raised in the same region as the production site, today they are shipped in from Central and South America. Each pepper is hand-picked and measured against the size of a small red stick, known as le petit bâton rouge, which makes me wonder where the name of the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, got its name from. Anyway, the peppers are measured, ground into a mash, and pickled with salt in aging oak barrels. Each barrel is aged for about three years, and then the mixture inside is strained and prepped for sale in the famously original perfume bottles that contain the historic sauce.

Today, Tabasco comes in a wide variety of flavors, like jalapeño, buffalo style, habanero, garlic pepper, and more. The franchise also produces literature and merchandise that support the Tabasco brand, such as clothing, limited edition Tabasco sauces, and cookbooks.

Whether you are looking to spice up your pizza, or your burger, or your barbecue, or chili, or classic Louisiana jambalaya, Tabasco has a recipe solution that is just right for you. Bread your meat before grilling, or add it to appetizers like olives or popcorn snacks for some extra flavoring. Some people top their pasta with it, and others use it to spice up snack time on some chips with a bit of blue cheese thrown in. Now that sounds perfect to me!