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Ropa vieja can also be gringa

Yuca with mojo or a decent cuban sandwich in Cuba? If there’s one thing cuban dissidents don’t play around with, it’s gastronomy. Here, five places to eat cuban in Miami.

Versailles Restaurant

Four decades make this Little Havana restaurant the epicenter for Cuban gastronomic culture in Florida. With its ‘ventanita del café‘ and dishes that cost under ten dollars, this is the meeting place where conversation focuses on everything, from politics to salsa. Here you can easily find the politician in office campaigning in full form.

Larios on the Beach

Appealing more to the Cuban elite, both its flawless credentials (founded in 1992 by Gloria and Emilio Estefan) and menu “de la abuelita with surprising twists” have won them over. It’s one of those places where you want to see and be seen; with views of Miami Beach and host to a number of private events.

La Carreta

With nine restaurants in ‘la Florida’, there is one in every neighborhood in Miami; the first is the most iconic, having opened in 1976 on ‘calle 8’. Following the ‘franchise’ model and run by more than five Cuban families, the menu is authentically Cuban. Their puffed wheat shake deserve a special mention and its ambiance goes perfectly with a Cuban coffee.

Islas Canarias

Raúl and Amelia García’s recipes are simple but unique; the servings are generous (if not extravagant); and the clientele is 100% Cuban. When they opened in 1977, their clients were dissidents who still wore their skirts below the knee. Today, it’s their children who patron one of the most emblematic Cuban restaurants in Miami.

El Rey de la Fritas

You don’t care about the presentation (or calories). You just want good food and fast. Specialists in Cuban fritas (seasoned hamburger with potatoes, onions and tomato sauce), El Rey de Las Fritas is a small, very Cuban place that makes everybody happy with their delicious molletes and amazing desserts.