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Rooibos benefits

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You don’t like coffee? Do you like it, but you usually have more than three cups a day, and you really think that this is not healthy, and maybe you should replace it with another drink that keep you awake and energetic all day long? You want to leave aside – finally – caffeine and theine once for all? Maybe you have heard about this – or maybe not – but today we want you to consider these Rooibos– or bush tea – benefits that maybe will make you think about joining us on this trend. It’s addictive!

It’s healthy. Despite its name, Rooibos is not actually a “tea”, but an infusion. It doesn’t contain caffeine nor theine – and it has significantly fewer tannins than other teas – so people of all ages, or even people with diseases, can have it. Experts ensure that is an amazing antioxidant and that it even helps to take care of our skin maintenance.

You can have it anytime. You can have it in the morning right before starting your working day, in the break at work, as a drink in that stressful meeting at midday, or even in that moment just before you go to bed. Unlike other teas or coffees, Rooibos doesn’t contain stimulants, so it will not disturb you.

It’s an athletes drink. A lot of athletes of the sport world – soccer players, tennis players, swimmers – have Rooibos instead of energy drinks. Rooibos has the same high amounts of mineral salts that help athletes to get their strength back, but it’s healthier and less harmful for your organism than energy drinks. Great athletes can’t be wrong!

It’s diuretic. Thus, it’s highly recommended for all the people – especially if you have any hepatic or renal disease. It will help you too – along together with a high but recommended amount of water a day, to lose weight.

It’s sweeter than a normal tea. Rooibos has less tannins – which put in the tea a more bitter taste – so it will taste sweeter into your mouth. And, if you are not a gluttonous person, you wouldn’t have to add a pinch of sugar, so Rooibos will become the perfect and most healthiest drink for your daily life.