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Paco Berciano reveals the secret soul of wine

The third edition of the fair ‘Soul of Unique Wines’ is to be celebrated this coming 20th April in the Spanish city of Burgos. This event will attract experts and amateurs alike from all over the world, as it is one of the most important wine fairs in Spain.

The last edition attracted over 1,700 people and this year numbers are expected to be similar. Participating in the event will be 109 wineries, 52 of which will be international.

Over 20 wine-producing areas, including the well-known designations of origin of Rioja, Ribera del Duero or Rueda, represent the national spectrum. Others are wines from areas such as Bierzo, Cigales, Madrid, Toro, Somontano, Priorato and Penedés or from emerging regions like Ribera del Arlanza, La Manchuela or Sierra de Salamanca.

The international wines come from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and France. From Burgundy wines to labels from the renowned Bordeux, Loire Valley and Champagne regions, and also some examples from Alsace, the Beaujolais, Bretagne, Morgon or the Rhône valley.

Behind this event is the wine retailer Alma Vinos Únicos and wine distributors El Lagar de Burgos and La Tintorería de Madrid. This is where we met with Paco Berciano to talk about the fair and have him tell us what we will find on the 20th April in Burgos.

This video will surely get you excited to go to this event, so here are all the details you will need. Location: Forum Evolución in Burgos. Time: 11am to 8pm. Tickets are being sold at