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Nitro Coffee 101

The phenomenon of iced coffee is always egged along during the summer season, but it remains a favorite year round thanks to its refreshing nature and often sweeter taste. The latest development in the iced coffee fad is nitro coffee, iced coffee served on tap and infused with nitrogen. Found in different parts of the world, but especially famous in the coffee-loving and trendy Nortwest of the United States, this coffee drink is smooth and is served like beer. Companies like Stumptown Coffee in Portland, OR, sell nitro coffee in kegs to restaurants and cafes, or in cans to retailers.

The key to enjoying nitro coffee is to drink it without ice. Straight from the tap, this drink is almost as thick feeling and smooth as a dark brew beer like Guinness, and the ice will ruin this texture. This drink is for people who love black coffee and who don’t need their drinks to be ice cold or inundated with milk. Drinking nitro coffee straight is a smooth and clean experience that should be tasted and enjoyed by coffee lovers everywhere.