Toma Nota

Michelin-starred chef presents new McDonald’s hamburger in Spain

Dani García, the Spanish chef that has earned two Michelin stars, has prepared a special burger recipe for McDonald’s. It’s not just any burger but the “Gran McExtrem BiBo by Dani García”, a limited edition hamburger that will be served in all McDonald’s restaurants in Spain and Andorra. The 10th March has been the date chosen for its release.

With this gourmet burger, McDonald’s wants to acquaint its clients with the taste and sophistication of haute cuisine. Dani García is already very active on social networks sharing his new recipe, one that he feels very proud of. In his own words he says that “this collaboration is more than a challenge for someone who has flourished in haute cuisine, because above all I feel like a culinarian. The challenge of bringing a piece of BIBO and haute cuisine to all kinds of audiences or people like my daughter and her friends, was one of the reasons that I embarked in this adventure in the first place.”

Behind the final burger, are many months of hard work during which the Malaga-born chef has worked closely with the company’s vendors to be able to develop this recipe. The end product is a hamburger that has new ingredients not used commonly in McDonald’s food, with flavours and textures that will remind you of some of the most renowned dishes by Dani García.

If you were hoping to get a taste of a meal prepared by a Michelin-starred chef, now is your opportunity: a McDonald’s near you has what you need.