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Make homemade ice pops is easier than you think

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Summer heat is here and we want to refresh ourselves – and if we do with sweet things, even better. There’s a habit that seems we are losing over the time – make homemade ice pops. They’re so yummy and it’s really easy to make them. We show you some ways to do it. You only need some molds. Get a few and get yourself into the kitchen. You won’t waste more than 15 minutes, we promise!

Kiwifruit: crush 5 peeled kiwifruits and mix them with 4 Greek yoghurts. Then, add to sugar to taste. Fill up the molds and violà! You can do it also with strawberries, peaches or the fruit that you like the most.

Yoghurt: you can choose the flavor that you like the most. You just have to beat the yoghurt and put it on the molds. Easy peasy. Yoghurts get a perfect graininess. We recommend you the yoghurts with chunks, it will be really yummy!

– Chocolate: mix cocoa with milk, add a little bit of single cream. Try it and then add sugar to taste. The cream will give the special touch, we recommend you not to forget it!

– Orange: you just have to squeeze the oranges and – if you feel that they’re too acidic – add sugar. Fill up the models and you will have a yummy orange ice pop.

You can pick any fruit you want in order to make ice pops. We recommend you to try with watermelon and melon because they contain a lot of water and they could be the perfect fruits. If you triture them and see that it remains a lot of fruit pulp, strain off the stock.

3 or 4 hours in the freezer and they’ll be ready. The easy way to take them out of the molds is leaving under the tap – with warm water. They’ll come out without any problem.