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Madrid to designate the ‘most relevant wines’ of the international arena this weekend

For four days Madrid will become the wine capital of the world. This Friday 20th March and until Monday 23rd March the 2015 Bacchus International Wine Competition is being held in the Madrid Casino, organised by the Spanish Wine Tasters Union. During the event, 80 wine tasters from around the world will choose, in blind tastings, the wines worthy of the 2015 Bacchus awards and the most relevant in each category.

Over 70 Spanish designations of origin will compete for the prestigious award of Grand Gold Bacchus 2015, Gold Bacchus 2015 and Silver Bacchus 2015. This year the best wine from the designation of origin “Wines of Madrid” will also receive an award.

Even though Spanish representation this weekend is strong, they have fierce competition. The great European wine producers will also be present with wines from France and Italy, Germany or Portugal. The Latin American countries with a robust tradition in the wine production industry will all be competing; these are countries such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay or Mexico. This year Bacchus has invited Slovakia as an emerging wine-producing country to present its product to the international public during the event.

A gastronomic proposal is also in the books for the weekend. A route under the name GastroBacchus will be open for the third year in a row during which a “Bacchus Tapa” and a glass of Madrid wine can be enjoyed in 16 designated venues in the district of Las Letras, near the event venue. The price is set at 4 euros.