Toma Nota

It’s more than just meat, it’s a religion

Buenos Aires’ array of mouth-watering meat dishes can overwhelm even the most die-hard carnivore… that is, until they read this.



Pedro Peña and Germán Sitz turn the simple into memorable. They specialize in smoked products (flank steak with caramelized onions and mushrooms) and also serve blood sausages and homemade chorizo. Their signature dish is sweet bread with cane syrup, corn and ‘arepas’. The place is small, so you must make a reservation.



Juan Gaffuri advocates eating tasty and quality food. The same goes for the menu where he uses different types of firewood—grapevine, apple tree, break axe or blackberry—on the grill or in the oven to get a smoky flavor in all his meats. What to order? Short ribs (their ‘chimi’ sauce is extraordinary), T-bone steak, suckling pig or ‘achuras’ (offal).



A classic porteño, with generous portions and quality have helped it rank 22nd on the list of Latin America’s top restaurants according to ‘Restaurant.’ Chef Gastón Riveira chooses cuts from Aberdeen Angus from Hereford, wagyu, lamb and pork, and adds succulent garnishes. Short ribs, flank steak, sirloin and a skirt steak… you just can’t miss it.



Just a stone’s throw from the Chinese neighborhood, El Pobre Luis knows how to get things done on the grill. Those who come here like good food with no frills. Enjoy their ‘chorizo de rueda sin atar,’ ‘hígado a la tela’ (liver steak wrapped in pork belly, bay leaves and herbs de Provence) and flavorful ribs. Their special meat cuts are out of this world.


San Telmo

Specializing in what you like most certainly has its benefits. Chef Naiara Calviño prepares innovative dishes with her ode to pork in hamburgers and sandwiches (braised pork belly or pulled pork), and snacks like her crunchy tongue tacos and blood sausage croquettes.