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How to Make Homemade Ketchup

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Ketchup is such a versatile and delicious condiments, but the level of sugar in the commercial product is out the roof, so it is a good idea to consider making your own, if you are a huge ketchup consumer. There are two ways to make it, with or without tomato paste, and if the paste is used then the entire process is pretty straightforward. Some people prefer to cook down chopped tomatoes instead (as a matter of taste) and this can be done easily over time in a slow cooker, it is just a matter of preference and available prep time.

After you have your tomato mixture, you’re also going to need white or cider vinegar, a sweetener (sugar or syrup or both), garlic powder, and a spice of your choice (all spice, black pepper and celery spice, other combinations…). All of the ingredients are placed together in a saucepan over low heat and simmered until smooth and reduced (probably 20 minutes or so), and then cooled completely in a jar or bowl for serving. This is when tasting can take place for any spice adjustments.

Now the ketchup is ready to serve! Make it more savory with the addition of barbecue flavoring for grilled meats, or sweeter to have with homemade fries or hamburgers. Bon appetit!