Toma Nota

How to avoid throwing away tasty vegetable parts

Every year rich countries around the world waste nearly as much food as the total produced in the same period in sub-Saharan Africa. These numbers rise to about 30% waste in countries like the US or the UK and is as high as 50% in others.

In the spirit of contributing to a more food conscious system chefs are now starting to speak in favour of using ingredients in their whole. Writers and chefs such as Tara Duggan or April Bloomfield are already teaching the world how to do this.

Artichoke leaves, asparagus stems, broccoli stalks and leaves, cauliflower stems and leaves and carrot tops. These are all vegetable parts that are considered scraps in most kitchens, Duggan says otherwise.

Potato skin chips or radish leaf salad are only two of the dozens of recipes that she proposes. Her book “Root-to-stalk cooking” teaches you all the essentials you need to know. If you’re curious about the concept and want to know more you can also take a little time to do an online search.

These ideas, of course, do not only apply only to vegetables. Research the uses of pineapple cores or grape stems and seeds you might be surprised at what you find.