Toma Nota

Haute cuisine is easy and family-friendly

We all know cooking is easy. Preparing avocado cannelloni with tuna tartar or a deconstructed cheesecake in a jar is daily work in many homes. Well, let’s be realistic, these names seem more likely to be found in haute cuisine restaurants than in your mother’s recipe book.

But don’t worry, if you want to impress your guests and make your friends and family thoroughly enjoy the evening, we have the perfect solution for you. There is no need to go asking for advice from Ferran Adrià or Joan Roca anymore, you’ll only need to type into your web browser “cooking youtube” and you will come across millions of recipes that will surprise you for their simplicity and tastiness.

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down to cook with a very accomplished blogger that accumulates thousands of followers and millions of visits on her cooking videos. That avocado cannelloni or that deconstructed cheesecake will no longer feel like such a daunting task after you follow the step by step cooking tutorials that are presented by MJ, author of the blog “Las recetas de MJ”.

The Barcelona-born home chef MªJosé started in the world of blogs almost by chance. After finding in this format the best option for sharing with her neighbours, friends and work colleagues the recipes that they asked for, the audience and popularity of her blog rapidly started to grow. In 2012 it won the prize for best videblog awarded by the Spanish cooking TV channel “Canal Cocina”.

With passion, and when she is not working or with her children, MªJosé dedicates her time to preparing new recipes for her followers, and says that her greatest happiness is sitting down to cook for her family.

If you too like cooking for your family and you still haven’t ventured out to try new dishes, this is the moment to start digging into MJ’s recipe blog. Other cooking videoblogs that we can recommend are “El Cocinero Fiel” or “Recetas de Cocina”, both of them also have spectacular recipes to prepare at home.