The colours, the flavours, the smiles. The light, the sun, balconies full of flowers. In the heart of Barcelona, Gracia neighbourhood lives quietly between the Diagonal and the sloping hills of the Park Güell. Its streets hide dozens of stories of music, people from around the world, food, and restaurants that all together made a tasty bridge between cultures.

At Gracia, you can travel around the flavours because there are restaurants of all kinds. Japanese, Lebanese, Nepali, Greek or Vietnamit foods… the world stops, taste buds get ready and the only thing that matters is the flavour journey.

Té Quiero is a perfect bookstore/tea shop for hanging out at midday or in the afternoon. It’s a very spiritual spot, where you should care both about what you drink and what you read; and what you live and what you dream. If you are feeling a little lonely in Barcelona, you miss your mom or your friends, you better visit Gata Mala. This is a tiny bar with two positive characteristics that we should keep in mind: the kindness of the waitress (who asked you how are you and actually listens when you give her an answer) and some tapas with every drink (something not really usual in Gracia).

Squid in its ink croquettes at La Trini – a typical Catalonian restaurant – is something that you must try if you ever go to Gracia. Maybe your mom recipe is better, but you’ll love this too!

Once you have left the melancholy behind and you are ready to go out with some friends in the afternoon, you will have plenty of options. If you decide to go to La Ikastola, you probably won’t find any free spot because usually, after 7 pm – the cool white terrace, with balconies on the top and a lot of plants in every corner – it is really crowded. Beer and conversations flow together in a nice environment in every single one of the tables. If you feel like a cheap cocktail in the traditional restaurant in the neighbourhood, you can try Casa López and order a patxaran for like two or three euros.

A lot of people walking around the same streets where El Pescaílla was raised, eating crepes and ice creams, and enjoying live music. In order to finish the day, there’s no better plan than order Japanese food at Wol Verdi and watch a movie (the original version) at Verdi Cinemas. Music, flavours and cinema… what else can we ask for?