Toma Nota

Gastro-indie route around Malasaña

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Malasaña – that neighbourhood you didn’t want to walk through some decades ago under no circumstances – became some years ago the trendiest neighbourhood in the city. And it’s still today the place where culture, design, fashion, art and – increasingly – cuisine have a strong importance. Muffin shops, cafeterias decorated with pastel shades and facing brick, book stores + coffee shops, and some fast food establishments share the streets and clients in this charming neighbourhood. Today, we are going to show you some restaurants where you will eat for a reasonable price, breathing the trendy air that this privileged place offers.

La Tape

At San Bernardo, 88 – in Malasaña neighbourhood but really close to Chamberí – it offers a daily menu with an entrance, a main course and dessert (you could choose one out of three options in every one of them) that it is updated day after day. The perfect menu to get back your strengths in those weekly days of work. You are more thirsty than hungry? No problem! La Tape offers a huge variety of craft beers – even some of them gluten free – in order to mix them with your meal. For example, SexTape, Espiga Blond or Crew Republic.


This newbie and fancy place was opened in the renewed street of Conde Duque in 2013. Crumb bets for specialized sandwiches artisanal and delicated made. It also offers salads and handmade dessert in order to accompany your perfect sandwiches. Crumb has also a daily menu – from Monday till Friday – that will make you eat until your hunger is satisfied. You should try!

The Little Big Café

It is situated in Fernández de Los Ríos, 61 and yes, you’ve guessed it, it also offers a weekly menu. The Little Big Café is “little” than “big”, but that’s better, you will find an intimate and familiar environment – just like you were eating at home. Maybe you think that you don’t have so many plates to pick on the menu, but the quality of the food will worth it. The best of Little Big Café? Desserts – sweets, salts, chocolate brownie… you should try them all! We also recommend you to try the weekend brunch, so yummy!


Really close of the central and crowded Dos de Mayo Square, you will find this awesome place where tradition meets kitsch world. At Velarde Street, and like others, they offer a daily menu – you won’t have the opportunity to choose between different plates – but the quality of the food, the service and the kindness of their people will make you want to go again and again. It’s one of the must place of Malsaña. Plus, you will also find craft beers – like Malasaña beer – and the cocktail that everyone is talking about in this neighbourhood, viejoven – a mix of vermouth, gin and soda. You should totally order one!